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Flute Tidings to You!

A series of private lessons to improve your flute playing and record a musical greeting card

What is "Flute Tidings to You"?

Students will attend a series of online private lessons with the goal of recording a multi-part flute ensemble “greeting card” that can be shared with family and friends.

Flutists will also receive instruction to improve flute fundamentals and musicality, with the highest quality lessons planned uniquely for each student.

Any level is welcome, from a beginning band student with 2-3 months experience, to intermediate or advanced students, ages 10-99!    

What will I Receive?

· Three 30– or 45–minute private flute lessons with Dr. Ellen Huntington

· One 10-minute session to get to know each other, show your playing ability and choose your music

· Individualized curriculum to improve your flute playing

· Music selection appropriate for your level

· Your choice of one or more flute ensemble pieces to record (amount of music will depend on student’s progress)

· A reference recording of your flute ensemble piece for practicing

· Assistance with setting up and using the Acapella App to make your recording

· Tips and tricks to make flute playing easier and more fun

What do I Need?

· A flute in good working order

· A phone or iPad with the Acapella App downloaded (the free basic version is fine, but you may want to upgrade to the premium version once we get started)

· A separate device for your Zoom or Facetime lesson (not the same device that you will be using to record on the Acapella app)

· Wired earbuds or headphones with a microphone

· A metronome

· A music stand

The Fine Print

The course fee is $90 for 30-minute lessons and $135 for 45-minute lessons. Students will receive a complementary 10-minute consultation session, a complementary reference recording to use for practicing, and all music that we will cover in the course.

The course fee will be payed upon registration and is non-refundable.

Individual lessons will be scheduled at times agreed upon by the instructor and the student. Lessons must be completed by  January 31, 2021. To reschedule a lesson, please provide 24-hours notice or the lesson will be forfeited.

Music selections are limited to Ellen Huntington’s extensive music library. Special requests for music will be considered, but may require an additional fee.

Over the course of the three lessons, students will receive all instruction necessary to make the recording. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the recording outside of the lesson time.

How do I Register?

To begin your registration, complete the following form and I will follow up with you to arrange for payment and scheduling. You may also contact me by phone or email: or 847-204-2153


To begin your enrollment, please submit the following information. I will contact you via email to arrange for payment and lesson scheduling.

Flute Tidings to You - Printable Flyer

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